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Mike Lovatt is, in my estimation, the finest  trumpet player alive. I hope you enjoy his amazing sound as much as I do.

Seth MacFarlane

Los Angeles, October 2018


56 Degrees North


Mike Lovatt's new album 56 Degrees North is a spectacular collaboration of some of the finest musicians around today.

Mike joined forces with the current British Champions Foden's Band to create this stunning album exploring a wide variety of music and styles.

Special guests Philip Cobb and Gareth Small complete the trumpet trio on Peter Meechan's 'Song Of Hope'.


The unusual combination of jazz rhythm section, Graham Harvey piano, Jeremy Brown, Bass and Matt Skelton, drums with the incredible Foden's Band makes for a unique sound that is second to none.

Arrangements by Colin Skinner and Andy Smith are simply stunning, and allow Mike to project his amazing sound to the world.

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£12.99 + £4.85 p&p

56 Degrees North  Album Reviews


I am almost at a loss for words regarding your magnificent achievement, "56 degrees.North"  I have now had the chance to hear it a few times, but I appreciated it even more after having read the liner notes.  To read about what care went into this record, and the significance of every track...well, it warms my heart and makes the music come even more alive.  No question about your virtuosity, Mike.  It is simply astounding, and I can see why Seth says you are the greatest alive.  Fodder's Band is the PERFECT setting for the jewel in this crown--you.  And the writing!  My personal favorite is Colin's Rhapsody for Trumpet.  It is just thrilling to hear you perform it, knowing it was written for you and your versatile styles.  The entire album is such a masterpiece in performance by everyone involved.  Loved the dedications to your brother, parents, Ann....and the story of your father-in-law's purchase of the Steinway!

To sum up - you've created a wonderful album which distinguishes your unique art and is your legacy, And as Colin says, "That's what it's all about."  Congrats from Conrad and me.  We are honored to know you, Mike.  And Willie is in Heaven, smiling!

Nan Schwartz

Hollywood Grammy-Award Winning Arranger, Composer.

Just finished listening to your CD. One sitting, straight through, uninterrupted. So wonderful. Such masterful playing by you and the band. If it’s possible to be a bigger fan..... you have one. 

Much gratitude for sharing your musicality,

Dan Higgins

Los Angeles Studio Woodwind Artist

Mike, I listened to your CD yesterday ... I loved it !! Absolutely monstrous playing. You sound amazing. And the band are really great too... needless to say Colin’s charts are superlative... the whole thing is something you should be extremely proud of...wonderful stuff ... congratulations.... ps Kenny Baker would have loved it!

Guy Barker

British Jazz Trumpeter and Composer 

Mike your CD arrived yesterday and I’ve listened in my car twice and had to pull over a few times, it’s so good!.....,from your crystal clear tone, your amazing technique, your solos, your lead playing, the arrangements are unique and the band is amazing AND it’s MUSICAL and I can tell its music you love, what a great total

Chris Tedesco LA Music Contractor and Studio Musician .


This CD has not left my car since it’s arrival. Absolutely amazing - every track and every time I listen to it. Full of variety of musical genres, musical styles, human emotions, trumpet techniques but always consistent great sound and emotion. Love this recording! Deserves any award possible!

Ryan Anthony 

Principal Trumpet Dallas Symphony Orchestra - Founder of The Ryan Anthony Foundation Cancer Blows

I’ve played through your album three times now and your playing is just exquisite! Such a great sound and style you have, you should be really proud of this recording. The band sounds so great too. Kudos to you and all that made it a reality. 

Brian Macdonald

Lead Trumpet Airmen Of Note USA

Hi Mike... On first listening your CD is SENSATIONAL! Beautiful playing, tone and feeling. I will give it another listen over the week-end. Congratulations! Clearly a work of love and talent. The band, arrangements, everything

Heidi Glow

Daughter of Bernie Glow, New York City Studio Trumpet Artist.


Moved & amazed in equal measures listening to Mike Lovatt‘s new album. It’s not just the frankly ridiculous playing, it’s the stories and community of musicians behind it. People like Mike remind me how important it is that any child who wants a chance to play, should get it.

Michael Price

Film and Television Composer 

I had the pleasure of enjoying your beautiful CD yesterday evening!  

What can I possibly say?  Your sound, the arrangements, the band, choice of material, is all magnificent! Many thanks for your superb musicianship! That depth of playing is rather rare these days, and I’m very grateful to know you as well.

Jiggs Whigham

American Jazz Trombonist

It’s a brilliant CD! The sheer range of the material and the quality of the work across the album is sensational.

Jonathon Freeman Attwood

Principal Royal Academy Of Music London

I have enjoyed listening to this immensely. It is actually stunning in many ways, driven of course by an outstanding player who’s talent it amazes me has not found its way onto a solo recording until now. Well, now is the moment and this CD deserves to be heard and be heading the list for recording of the year in the solo category in The British Bandsman, Brass Band World and 4barsrest to name just the key brass band magazines.

What’s most impressive is the honesty of the playing: dedicated and targeted, not trying to oust Classical Haydn and Hummel exponents, or wave a flag for a pretentious cause - it delivers what it sets out to do - entertain!


Martin Ellerby 

British Composer


It’s a triumph!! Superb album, bravo to all concerned. Really genuinely enjoyed every minute of it. Great playing all round, a totally classy musical event. You sound fantastic on it and the concept of involving the band totally pays off. Hope it achieves the success it deserves, sure it will. You must be very proud of it. 

Andy Gathercole

Freelance Trumpet Player


Hello Mike, just had to tell you how happy you have made Andy.. he was playing your album with tears of pride in his eyes. The album is fantastic.

Sara Raybould Pro Vice-Chancellor University of West London

Andy Smith British Composer / Arranger / Musician - Composer of 'Poppy Dance'.


Congratulations, 56 Degrees North certainly is a tour de force of trumpet playing. Super C's played all over one chart followed by lovely flugel passages, even piccolo trumpet. Brilliant!

Stuart Brooks

Freelance Trumpet Player


You should be very proud of this album. Fantastic arrangements, played beautifully by everyone. A real tribute to your musicianship and determination.

Lance Kelly

Freelance Trumpet Player


What a fantastic album.  So much class from yourself, amazing arrangements and Foden's Band, and such a beautiful recording.   

Full of character and personality, and all the little touches (the Sinatra turn at the end of ‘rolling along’ in Ol’ Man River) were wonderful.  I haven’t enjoyed listening to a trumpet album so much in years, congratulations!

Brian McGinley

Freelance Trumpet Player


Hi Mike. Massive pat on the back and congrats on your album. It’s fantastic for so many different reasons. Beautiful playing - from strong and powerful to sweet lyrical musical charts and great respect / balance between band and soloists. The brass band accompaniment makes the whole project quite unique. Brilliant scores also. A big well done to all.

Dermot Murray


Dear Mike.  Had a lovely suprise in the post today. Thank you ever so much, it so kind and thoughtful of you to think of me after all those years. Was Cheadle High School, where I started your trumpet lessons really that long ago? Can't begin to tell you just how proud I am of you. The CD - WOW. 

Ron Fargher

Freelance Trumpet Player and Brass Tutor 

Thank you so much Mike. CD arrived today and sounds fantastic! 

Brian Rankine

BBC Big Band Trumpet Player 


Mike you should be proud of that album and all involved! I’ve got it on repeat.... About time you did this but what an amazing concept... Brass Bands is where many of us started out and is a British Tradition we can be proud of!

Your album captures that Big Fat Brass feel and you sound as good as any of them guys back in the day!

Thank you again for the inspiration.

Sean Hollis

Freelance Trumpet Player


Congratulations on a beautiful album in every sense. Fantastic arrangements too.

Rob Spalton

Freelance Trumpet Player


Incredible playing throughout by Mike and Foden's Band - such diversity. A must for any brass player. Chinatown is a personal highlight. Liner notes are excellent too, with a lovely message from Seth MacFarlane

Jacob Philips

Freelance Trumpet Player


On first listening your CD is SENSATIONAL! Beautiful playing, tone and feeling. Clearly a work of love and talent. The band, the arrangements, everything. 

I’ve just heard the album through for the first time. 

Right from the start of the album Foden’s Band sound incredible and give a completely unique sound to the album. I’m blown away by the way they adapt from playing El Gato, to uptempo swing in Under Mount Lee, to the pure lyricism of Song for Fyfe is simply outstanding. 

Stuart Fowler

Freelance Trumpet Player

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