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Mike Lovatt Smith Watkins
Bb Professional Trumpet

Good players command sophisticated instruments.

They know the sounds they like to hear and want an instrument adaptable enough that they can forget the mechanics and just concentrate on making great music; Smith-Watkins instruments enable them to do just that. Musical needs vary from playing jazz and chamber music, to recording in a studio.
No two players are the same or have the same requirements.
That is why Smith-Watkins designs each instrument to suit the individual and their particular requirements perfectly. Finding exactly the right instrument is where the personalised service offered by Smith-Watkins, a company founded on ground-breaking academic research and expert craftsmanship, really sets it apart.


  • Choice of Bell bore and leadpipe. - Select a Trumpet to suit your individual playing requirements. 

  • Choice of 15 interchangeable leadpipes- Enables you to match leadpipe to the style of music e.g. classical, studio, jazz.

  • Lightest valves available -Quicker and more responsive action

  • Brass valve guides - Positive location of valves preferred by professional players.

  • Phosphor bronze valve springs - Corrosion resistant

  • Brass inner and outer slides - Smoothest slide action

  • Water keys with synthetic seals - For a perfect seal

  • Monel pistons - Highly resistant to corrosion for a longer life


  • Pitch:Bb

  • Bore Size: .460"dia

  • Finish: Silver Plate or Gold option

  • Bell Material/Diameter: Yellow brass/127mm

  • Leadpipe: ML supplied as standard. Smith-Watkins range available as extras

  • Finger buttons: Laser-etched Titanium (Also available for other Smith-Watkins instruments)

  • Total Weight (ex mouthpiece): 1.2kg

  • Supplied with fitted case with additional space for a second trumpet or mutes

  • Handcrafted and designed in Yorkshire, England

  • *ML mouthpiece supplied as optional extra



"This is the working tool of a professional, not a 'Pimped! up play thing'."

Instrument review by Nick Walkley for Brass Band World (July 2016).


Mike Lovatt Smith Watkins
Signature Mouthpieces

The brand new range of Mike Lovatt Signature mouthpieces designed in conjunction with Smith Watkins.
The ML Signature comes in three different models, the Lead, the Studio and the Classical.


The Lead mouthpiece features a #2 medium backbore, small cup volume, 15.334mm inside cup diameter, 26.726mm outside cup diameter and a 3.658mm throat.


The Studio mouthpiece features #1 small backbore, medium cup volume, 16.106mm inside cup diameter, 27.297mm outside cup diameter and a 3.658mm throat.


The Classical mouthpiece features #3 large backbore, large cup volume, 16.106mm inside cup diameter, 27.488mm outside cup diameter and a 3.797mm throat.


You can also buy specially designed boosters to add weight for those preferring a bit more depth to the sound. There are 3 different boosters, the L80 which adds 80 grams, the M55 which adds 55 grams and the S30 which adds 30 grams.


Mike Lovatt has teamed up as one BlackBinder's featured ambassador's using the revolutionary new BlackBinder sheet music App.

See him using it below, and take a look for yourself on the the BlackBinder website.

MIK_7969_Gard Bags-studio_shot.jpg

Mike Lovatt uses Gard Elite Instrument cases

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